Profit Performance Management

Empower Business Users to Make Better Decisions

Power your Business Decisions with Advanced SAP PAPM Architecture

Profit Performance Management (PPM) is a strategy enforced by enterprises to increase their industrial profits and overall business performance. PPM helps businesses identify, track and manage financial goals to optimize their operations & can be used by companies of all sizes and industries, including tech. At VService, we aim to devise a clear picture of the company’s finances and performance. Thereby enabling businesses to make informed decisions about where to focus their resources. & also identify niche areas for functional enhancement.

What We Offer?

VService profitability and performance management solutions help business users improve their decisions using advanced business modelling, granular profit & cost analysis and simulation tools. Some of our core service offerings include


Cloud and On-premise Environments

Cloud and on-premise environments are both popular for businesses. Cloud services are convenient because of their capacity to scale & accessiblility from any device. On the other hand, on-premise solutions offer businesses the security of knowing that their data is physically located on the company’s premises. This means that it is less likely to be hacked or compromised.


Advanced Business Modelling of Complex Processes

Business processes can be quite complex, and it can be difficult to model them accurately. That's where advanced business modelling comes in. It allows businesses to understand their operations in great detail, simplify complex processes and make changes that improve efficiency and profitability.


Real-time Insights with 360-degree Profit and Cost Analysis

By breaking down your business into different dimensions, we can provide you with valuable insights that will help you make informed decisions. We can also help you identify where costs are impacting your profitability and pinpoint areas where you can cut costs without sacrificing quality.


Real-time Results, Scenario Modelling, and Simulations

With today's technology, businesses can get real-time results, scenario modelling, and simulations to help them make informed decisions. This information can be used to improve operations, save costs, and protect the safety of employees. In some cases, it can even be used to predict future events.

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VService: Improve Your Visibility and Performance

VService strategic decision-making can improve the performance of your business, help you gain better visibility of systems, people & performances and maximize your profitability in no time.

How it works

Our solutions help take a deeper look at the profits of your business by analysing a broader set of data from different departments.

Enable Precision with Powerful Models

Give your team the intelligence they need to make sound decisions. Access advanced modelling capabilities to create more-meaningful insights with modern business-centric profitability, cost, and process use case models.

Amplify your Insights

We add intelligence to your analytics. We perform in-depth analysis and make it easy for your people to find the insights they need.

Drive Business with Real-time Decisions

VService performance analytics lets you understand what’s happening on the floor and enables you to make informed strategic decisions based on real-time results and simulations.

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