6 Effective Ways Staff Augmentation can Benefit Your Business


Staff augmentation is currently extremely common. The primary reasons why businesses outsource their business duties are cost reduction, increased operational efficiency, improved customer service, access to new technologies, and flexibility.

By outsourcing IT services, businesses can preserve business continuity and join the innovation bandwagon faster. CEOs want their software development teams to be able to scale up or down based on the needs of the project, the budget, and the cash flow. Therefore, if you want to succeed in a fast-paced IT environment, you’ll need a solid team and a well-thought-out strategy tailored to your organization’s goals.

Contacting an IT staff augmentation service provider is a frequent tactic for achieving exceptional results, decreasing costs, and enhancing both bottom- and top-line growth. 

Let’s discover the possibilities on how businesses can propel their growth with the help of an IT staffing company. 

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is the temporary deployment of diversely skilled external personnel to boost the capability of a company.

This outsourcing strategy includes the hiring of distant teams and individuals to fill gaps in existing projects in accordance with current company objectives. For short- or long-term collaboration, organisations recruit third-party workers due to a lack of in-house professionals.

According to a research by the WEF, up to seventy-five percent of enterprises are likely to cooperate with custom software development outsourcing organisations to acquire services and people as needed.

  • Hire on Demand

Flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of IT staff augmentation. This allows businesses to hire individuals to meet their immediate needs. For a limited time period, businesses can replace their regular staff with experienced specialists to meet immediate needs. This flexible hiring avoids companies from incurring additional expenditures associated with permanent hiring, such as health benefits and employee provident funds.

It also provides experts with the flexibility to work on a project-by-project basis. You may only engage in projects of your choosing and calibre. This generates a win-win situation for both parties, resulting in their mutual advantage. This effectively and economically bridges the gap between the demand for and supply of professional talents. Therefore, IT staffing company meets the interests of both employees and employers in a creative manner by providing for on-demand employment.

  • Profitable Competitive Advantage

Extending the applicability of the preceding argument, staff augmentation services provide a cost-effective method for capitalising on specialised skill sets. Since professionals are recruited for a single job, the company does not incur long-term costs. Thus, project-definite recruitment enables businesses to pay for talent only during the required time frame. In addition, this skill-specific talent provides an advantage over all competing brands by adding domain-specific operational framework knowledge.

The presence of external talent also enables organisations to expand their market reach by showing the talent pool at their disposal. This is a double win for the companies. First, they have access to a vast pool of talent at a fraction of the cost of conventional employment. Secondly, this skill pool gives them an advantage over their competitors who lack the same hiring flexibility.

  • Growth and Adaptation

The enterprises are able to grow their operations on a trial basis without investing in a full-time personnel thanks to flexible hiring. Frequently, organisations want to expand their operations and capitalise on the prevailing market conditions. However, the associated risks of failure and the inundation of investments impede such expansion. Staff augmentation assists such businesses. By allowing corporations to hire on a project-by-project basis to test their acceptability in new markets, staff augmentation service providers creates fresh expansion opportunities for businesses.

In addition to allowing for expansion, this type of flexible hiring permits businesses to respond to fluctuating market conditions. The market need is rapidly changing due to the fact that millennials acquire new skills and competencies every day. Those businesses unable to adapt to such changes are doomed to failure. Staff augmentation services equips businesses with responsiveness. This helps them to respond to changing conditions by meeting new demands with project-specific labor.

  • Superior Collaboration

Over ninety percent of employees and C-level executives believe that insufficient teamwork and poor communication are the leading causes of failed initiatives, according to a study by Salesforce. According to another study, 70% of unsuccessful teams lacked team communication.

Unlike freelancers, specialists sourced from IT staff augmentation providers are guaranteed to fit your organizational and team culture because they have received extensive training in soft skills, communication tools, and reporting, and have been screened to ensure that they are sociable and eager to contribute proactively.

  • Reduce Hiring Costs

Any outsourcing operation helps a client company reduce expenses on multiple levels. The scattered team is not required to pay taxes, vacation days, maternity and paternity leaves, or sick leave in the first economy. Second, you save money on employment costs and legal fees. If you contract with a provider of staff augmentation on an all-inclusive basis, you can rest assured that you will obtain all of the services listed above.

  • Reduce Training Costs

New technologies are disrupting the industry virtually everyday and your customers are adopting the “new normal” faster than ever before.

Digital transformation is not a one-time event and the true difficulty for businesses here is that they need establish an IT infrastructure and business model that allows them to keep up the pace with the changing demands of their markets.

This includes having access to experts and specialists in new technologies crucial to your business growth and success. However, training sessions and certificates are costly, limiting the ability for many organisations to adopt new technologies and capabilities.

Outsourcing your software talent recruiting and hiring to staff augmentation providers like VService IT Solutions saves you money by allowing your to hire top specialists with in-depth understanding of new technologies like AI, machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, virtual and augmented reality.

Staff augmentations allows your business for a quick access to such technologies at managed cost without the need to squander time and money on training talent that is difficult to keep.

Wrapping Up

VService IT Solutions has 11 years of experience in the IT staffing business and a reputation for design-driven digital product creation.

From idea discovery to product development, we provide a vast array of services as part of a comprehensive package that also includes post-launch services like DevOps and Cloud Managed Services.

For more information about our services and to schedule a consultation, please contact one of our representatives through our website. We ensure a smooth and productive vendorship that yields the desired results on time and within budget.

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